Are your goals unclear?

We make sure that you know exactly what your goals are and achieve them in a planned manner!

This requires 3 steps:

  1. Definition of measurable goals
  2. Development of a strategy that provides orientation
  3. Preparation of a plan of action

As a management consultancy with, a focus on strategy, marketing and sales, we develop and take these 3 steps together with you.

You decide at any time what you want to do on your own or where you want to use our services.

The goal is always the optimal use of resources: time, money, employees

Our 5 special strengths

1. Recognise opportunities through a holistic approach

Like with a drone, we rise into the air and grasp the situation holistically:
Company. Market. Competition. Developments.

Goal: Identify opportunities (market gaps)

Example: We developed the industry data cycle for our client euroident. Using this data cycle, opportunities that arise from the use of technology for automatic identification and data collection become more apparent.

On this basis, we created an SEO text for each sector, in some cases with over 5,000 words. Plus videos.

Result: Top search engine rankings for important keywords.

2. Motivation through structure

We think and act in structures. This is how we create clarity.

Creative & structured, is that possible? "Either you are creative or structured." is often said. For us, these two terms form an inseparable symbiosis for the development of extraordinary ideas.

Goal: Motivation through the "we've got it" effect.

Example: For our client Dr. Tveten, we have significantly increased the identification and motivation of the employees with the four company divisions (clinic, cosmetic studio, cosmetic line, motor sports) by developing a company structure chart in connection with an organisation chart.

This also created the necessary acceptance for the establishment of the Dr. Dr. Stein Tveten umbrella brand.

3. Sparking ideas through intensive discussion of content

Step by step we load the creative battery with knowledge and impressions.

The willingness to deal intensively with topics is rewarded with special, creative ideas and concepts.

Goal: Effective creative ideas

Example: In our Partner4Baby project, we have found that there is often a lack of guidance on topics related to the unfulfilled desire to have children. Can I do this? What do the others say?

For this purpose, derived from the logo with the 5 clovers, we have defined the 5 ways of looking at things: Religion, Psychology, Morality, Law, Our View. The whole thing is called Partner4Baby-Check, so in addition to the factual knowledge you also have an important orientation aid.

4. Wirksame Inhalte durch eine globale Sichtweise

Gute Inhalte gehören zu den stärksten Waffen, um den „Krieg um die Aufmerksamkeit“ für sich und sein Unternehmen zu gewinnen. Auf Basis der ganzheitlichen Betrachtung und der strukturellen Klarheit entstehen Inhaltsideen und SEO-optimierte Umsetzungen. Ziele: Top Suchmaschinen-Rankings; Erhöhung der Sichtbarkeit Beispiel: Für unseren Kunden twodoxx haben wir die Leistungen der Software optimallohn (eine Personalmanagement-Software für die Hotellerie und Gastronomie) in modulare Leistungsbausteine aufgeteilt. Für die einzelnen Module haben wir SEO-optimierte Texte erstellt. Dadurch haben wir bei wichtigen Schlüsselwörtern gute Suchmaschinen-Rankings erreicht und die Social Media-Kommunikation aufgebaut.

5. Quality of implementation through planned persistence

When implementing tasks, we behave like a postage stamp, we stick to it until the goal is reached. We practice project management according to the requirements on the basis of Scrum Sprints. Goals: On-schedule target realisation in high quality Example: For our client Schneider outpatient nursing service we developed modules for corporate planning. Subgoals derived from these were successfully realised in sprints in a short time. The implementation quality has also prevailed on a "small scale": All appointments are carried out with agenda and target definitions as well as subsequent minutes.


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