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euroident is a provider of services in the field of automatic identification and data capture, Auto-ID for short, with locations in Dietmannsried in Allgäu and Grafenrheinfeld near Schweinfurt.

Most people are familiar with barcodes as a sub-sector of this industry. However, few know that Auto-ID has developed into a key technology for the realisation of Industry 4.0.

The euroident sales department says: "We have difficulties presenting our performance to potential new customers!" This is how the challenges were formulated for the start of our cooperation at the end of 2019.

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  • readyCon first looked at the impact of the services, i.e. what benefits do customers derive from euroident.
  • The result: All measures in the Auto-ID area achieve efficiency gains in the dimensions: Time, costs and quality.
  • The presentation of efficiency gains forms the core of the marketing strategy.
  • Development and launch of the new customer newspaper: The Efficient One
  • Structuring and highlighting the efficiency potentials and performance modules based on the newly developed auto-ID data cycle for various industries.
  • Creation of subject-specific, search engine optimised articles to improve results in organic search.
  • Increase visibility through targeted social media activities in LinkedIn, Xing, Google MyBusiness and YouTube.



1 to 2 new customers for
system solutions per year


Customer acquisition through
Showing the potentials


Structuring opportunities and possibilities. Preparing complex content in a simple and understandable way


In 2020 and 2021, one new customer each was acquired for system solutions.


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