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External marketing department: Relieve your organisation and outsource marketing tasks

Outsourcing "Yes" or "No"?

The question of outsourcing "yes" or "no" is part of everyday business life.

Tax and legal advice are typical services that are often provided by external companies.

In marketing, sub-areas are usually outsourced and carried out by agencies and service providers, for example:

Press and public relations, events, video production or even social media activities.

Strategic marketing planning as an elementary component of success is usually not outsourced because it is not perceived as a separate discipline.

The result: it is often not done or not done correctly. Since this does not have any immediate negative consequences, it is not noticeable at first.

Only when competitors with new business ideas or convincing concepts pass you by does it become clear that something is missing.

What are the arguments for outsourcing marketing tasks?

The 7 most common reasons for outsourcing:

1. Lack of marketing expertise

Many companies have lost the overview due to the large scope and diversity in the field of online and digital marketing.

LinkedIn? Xing? Instagram? Facebook? TikTok? Email newsletter? Automated emailing? Content marketing? SEO? SEA? Customer Journey? Data Management? PIM-DAM?

For this reason, important decisions are often not made or measures are only carried out half-heartedly, in the sense of: "At our company, social media is done by the trainee!"

The external marketing department can fill these knowledge gaps in a targeted manner.

2. Lack of skilled workers

Find highly qualified employees is challenging and time-consuming. Especially in online marketing, there is a lack of good professionals.

The possibility of training oneself often fails due to the lack of professional competence! The period until the "home-grown" has gained the necessary experience seems unattractively long.

The external marketing department offers a pool of experienced professionals.

3. Lack of management capacity

Tasks in marketing and project work tie up existing staff so that important new tasks cannot be tackled.

Newly recruited staff often do not solve the fundamental problem, as managing staff ties up further management capacity.

Often, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, marketing is "shared" by the managing director or sales. Usually, actionism prevails in this composition and the planned approach is replaced by situational measures.

The external marketing department relieves the company both on the operational and on the management level.

4. Lack of implementation capacity

The awareness for necessary measures is there. There is also a person responsible for marketing. However, this person is often already at the limit of his or her capacity with the existing tasks.

The result: important activities are not carried out.

With the external marketing department, subtasks can be carried out in coordination with the marketing managers.

5. Cost reductions

Setting up and running a marketing department ties up considerable financial resources.

The department costs money even if there are no concrete tasks to be accomplished at the moment.

With the external marketing department, fixed costs become variable costs, the customer only pays when there is a need for marketing services.


6. Missing of creative impulses

If marketing is "just along for the ride", usually only the (supposedly) most necessary things are done. Creative impulses that arise from an intensive examination of the content of the relevant topics of the company are missing.

Resources are needed for this.

With the external marketing department, new sources of inspiration and creativity are created.

7. No marketing department

You don't have a marketing department but a multitude of projects that need to be handled.

You don´t want to invest into building up the necessary marketing staff internally.

The external marketing department can take on individual projects or permanent tasks at calculable costs.

The 10 advantages of the external marketing department

1. Relief

Creation of additional management capacity.

Necessary strategic tasks can be realised.

From planning to strategy development and control of the measures.

2. Cost reduction

Operationg costs are reduced. Fixed costs become variable costs.

The annual budget is derived on the basis of the annual marketing plan.

The monthly costs are defined in the coordination meetings.

3. Focus

Concentration on the core competencies of the organisation leads to focus.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular can concentrate on their strengths and use the time saved to provide important impetus for further development.

4. External view

A consistent, 100% customer view from the outside is practised.

This brings new creative impulses for customer acquisition and retention.

Possible undesirable developments are uncovered more quickly.

5. Time saving

Getting to grips with the various marketing topics without basic marketing knowledge takes an above-average amount of time.

Supposed cost savings are eaten up by the more time spent and the less professional success.

Outsourcing thus activates time resources.

6. Flexibility

The order volume can be reduced or increased at any time, or the cooperation can be terminated completely.

All relevant matters such as copyrights, data transfer and data protection are regulated in advance.

7. Increasing efficiency

Through structured marketing planning with budgets derived from it, the limited resources are used efficiently.

All measures build on each other in a meaningful way.

8. Consistency

The services are provided on a continuous basis.

There is no need to worry about absences due to illness or holidays.

Likewise, the search for staff is no longer necessary.

9. Synergy

The knowledge and experience of the company is combined with the expertise of the marketing specialists from the external marketing department.

This gives rise to new approaches and ideas.

10. transparency

Maximum cost transparency through annual budget planning, which is broken down to monthly level and is in permanent target/actual comparison.


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