Good structures enable maximum creativity

We encounter it and are part of it: structure!

Structure is culture

Bernd Frey, Managing Director readyCon:

I was surprised at how little literature there is on the subject of structure.

In my opinion, one of the best books:
A Brief History of Humanity by Yuval Noah Harari.

Harari describes how humanity has always evolved through innovative, structure-giving innovations. All our life is based on structures, think of language, writing, mathematics, architecture, culture, medicine, law and economics.

Structure is an essential engine of human development. Because this is so self-evident, we often do not realise how much our lives are built on structure. For example, the alphabet or the metric system is based on structures that humans have developed.

Perhaps nature, with its fascinating structures, is an unconscious model here. At readyCon we see structure as one of the key elements for successful entrepreneurship.

An example from our every day consulting work:

We simply have too many ideas!

Too many ideas?

What a stroke of luck!

No! Almost none of it is implemented!" said the exasperated manager of an industrial company during the counselling interview.

We are announcement giants and implementation dwarfs, he continued.

I was confronted again and again with statements about a lack of implementation quality. A widespread problem. The management's reaction: We need consultants + training! And then they train until their heads are spinning: Agile management, Scrum, project management, resilience. The initial enthusiasm is followed by disillusionment.

The test

Conduct a simple experiment: after a few months, ask seminar participants what of the trained knowledge they can still recall and, as an enhancement, what of it is actually used in practice.

The result is frustrating.

The common answer: I have received this folder / CD / online access as a training handout, so I can look it up if necessary.

Stacked on top of each other, unused training materials would make the 15th eight-thousand-metre mountain giant. But why is it so difficult to translate (theoretical) implementation knowledge into a lived implementation culture?

Our insight:

Often, theoretical knowledge is taught with too little real, concrete implementation reference. There is a lack of pragmatic, field-tested systems and the structures for implementation.

"Er, yes ... but when is a structure pragmatic?"

When they find the way to achieve good results

... accelerated,
... improved,
... simplified,
... facilitated and optimised.

Structure effects:

The (good) structure

... summarises
... clarifies interrelationships
... reduces complexity
... shows the whole picture
... motivates to act
... removes obstacles to implementation
... facilitates division and delegation

With the establishment of structures, clarity is created, one gets an overview. Even if the chaos was so great before, structuring has an immediate, positive, motivating effect: "I've got it under control!

Structure example "Distribution" (low complexity)

Appointment.triangle - readyCon - Success through structure

The appointment preparation and follow-up in sales is a challenge in many organisations.


It will not be done!

At least not in the required sustainability. The reasons: There are two relevant levels of consideration here!

  • The excuse level with the justification factors: no time, great overload, I don't need it, I have everything in my memory.
  • The execution level: There is a lack of knowledge about the "how". How can the preparation and follow-up of appointments be implemented efficiently?

With the corresponding offer in the execution level, the excuse level dissolves step by step.

This is not true for everyone. If your most successful salesperson with the highest turnover gets by without professional appointment preparation and follow-up, you should not force him/her to change the behaviour. Rather, you should look closely and find out: What are the success factors?

The visualised structure with the appointment triangle offers a variety of support options:

  • Interviews make it easier to identify which tasks sales staff have difficulties with.
  • It provides the content for training courses, as well as for the further development of the CRM system.
  • For distribution, there is always a reminder 
  • Within sales meetings, experiences are exchanged and the appointment triangle structure is further developed.

Almost incidentally, the quality of appointments improves noticeably!

More appointments are being made.

Sales results improve and customer satisfaction increases.

Structure example "Planning" (higher complexity)

The planning process

Even in big and important companies, important terms in corporate planning are used imprecisely and jumbled up.

We talk of vision, we describe a mission

We talk about goals, we describe an action

Right at the top of the ranking of the most frequently inaccurately used terms: vision, mission and strategy.

This means that opportunities are missed. A coherent and well-formulated strategy, for example, can become an accelerator for success.

The difficulty in corporate planning is the often missing overview of the defined components: Vision, mission, values, short-, medium- and long-term goals, strategy and measures.

As a result, the marketing planning derived from the corporate planning loses its impact. Often, parallel planning is created which only partially corresponds to the overall corporate planning.

Mutual optimisation of planning does not usually take place.

If one takes the business planning process and the marketing planning process, they are each in themselves complex tasks with sub-areas that require specific knowledge.

It was a delightful task to structure these two topics in such a way that they cross-fertilise each other and create synergies.

The Triangle.planner emerged from this.

Based on this structure, we develop and accompany the planning and implementation process for our clients.



Structure is fun!

Bernd Frey, Managing Director readyCon:

We have become true structural detectives.

The question "How can we structure?" accompanies every task and process for us.

After more than 30 years of professional experience in management, marketing and sales, it is clear that a lack of structure is one of the main causes of failure.

On other hand, this means that with a good structure, the probability of success is significantly improved.

The challenge increases when the lack of structure is compounded by a lack of practical experience and expertise.

For example, corporate planning is a particular challenge for many due to its complexity.

There is not one specific structural deficiency.

These are the areas where we found the most structural deficits:

  • Goal-setting process
  • Strategy development
  • Derivation of measures
  • Project management
  • Task delegation

Do you see development potential for yourself in the area of structure? Contact us!


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